Frequently Asked Questions


1 - Can I bring my dog on holiday ?

Dogs are allowed in the rentals and on the camping pitches, with payment of an extra fee of 5.50 € per day.  However, we ask you to respect the following rules :
- MAXIMUM 1 pet per pitch, regardless the size and the weight of the pet.
- Dogs of category 1 and 2 (like pitbulls and rottweilers) are strictly prohibited.
- On site, pets need to be kept on a lead and may not be left on the camping pitch or in the rental accommodation.
- The pet needs to be tattooed and the pet’s ID must be presented at the reception.

2 - If we want to receive friends during our stay, how does it work?

Visitors can have access to the campsite during the day. They need to leave their vehicle on the parking space and register at the reception. There’s no extra fee.
However, for security reasons and for applicable laws, visitors have absolutely no access to the water park.

3 - What are the conditions for barbecueing?

On the campsite, you’ll find various shared charcoal barbecues. However, charcoal and electric barbecues on your own pitch are prohibited (prefectoral decree).
Remember to bring your BBQ grill.

4 - What are the rules for electric hook-up on a camping pitch?

The electric hook-ups have various connections (French and European). Unfortunately, we cannot foresee which connection will be free when you arrive, therefore, we advise you to bring an adapter.
Provide an extension cord if necessary.

5 - Are there rules to access the water park?

Yes, there are rules to access the water park. For hygiene reasons, men and boys are asked to wear swimming trunks (swimming shorts and bermudas are prohibited, like tubes, balls, inflatable toys etc...)

6 - My son is a minor and would like to spend a few days with friends on your site, is that possible?

No, unfortunately not. In compliance with the internal rules, minors must be accompanied by at least one of their parents. Otherwise, they cannot stay on the campsite.

7 - We have rented a mobile home for 6 persons and we have 2 teens who want to stay in a tent next to the mobile home, can they?

Installing a tent on the pitch of a mobile home is allowed when the capacity of rent is not exceeded (6 persons).

8 - We will be arriving outside the opening hours of the campsite. How can we get the keys and access the campsite?

During the high season, you can access the site at the bar restaurant until 10 pm, upon presentation of your ID. Your ID will be handed back to you the next day, at the reception.
For the low season, we ask you to contact us by email or phone; we will then explain the procedure to you.

9 - If we go out at night, are their rules for driving around on site?

The campsite barriers are open until 11 pm. If you arrive after this time, you’ll be asked to leave your vehicle on the parking space outside and join your pitch by foot.

However, in case of an EMERGENCY, you can leave the campsite at any time, by calling the night watchers.
We inform you that the speed on the campsite is limited to 10km/u.

10 - Concerning vehicles: we have 2 cars, can they both be parked on the pitch?

Only one vehicle is allowed per pitch. We allow the 2nd vehicle to enter the site to unload luggage only, but then the second vehicle must be parked on the parking space outside.

11 - We come with 6 adults + 1 baby of 6 months, can we rent a mobile home for 6 persons?

Every person counts, so babies also. In your case, you should hire a bigger mobile home.